Elite Marketing Service for Top Tier Contractors

Are you marketing the old way or the new way?

Do you feel like you’re getting duped by your marketing agency that hides behind the smoke and mirrors of fancy phrases and jargon that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to your bottom line?  

They dance around the hard questions and try to counter with important sounding metrics and almost dare you to question their work or challenge their concepts. As if you’re the bad guy.

Have you fallen prey to their deceptive tactics as they laugh their way to the bank with YOUR money… month after month?!

Take your power back.

It’s time to say SHUT UP OR SHOW ME THE LEADS!

Don’t waste another dime on marketing that frankly doesn’t work. Cute, clever, and cheesy screams amateur. Be the guy everyone wants to be by marketing like a boss.

Not because you scream “Pick me, pick me!”… but because there’s content completely covering the search engines all singing your praises.

Not because you say you’re the best… but because they say you’re the best. 

In other words… prove it. Walk the walk instead of being all talk.

Are you still spending a chunk of change on a hope and a prayer that your one main website will bounce around the search results

That is so 2010. 

It’s a whole new ballgame in 2023.

Here’s what advertising companies aren’t telling you:

 - 96% of consumers don't trust ads

- less than 10% of people click on paid ads, while around 94% of all search traffic goes to organic results.

Join Your Way into HVAC Power Player Status With The Most Authority, Trust, and Leverage in the Fastest Time Possible.

Did you know in 2022, 87% of all people researched a local company on Google before making a buying decision? 

That doesn’t mean they researched ads. That means they googled to see what’s been written about the best companies in articles, other pieces of content, and reviews.

Growing your HVAC company is a trust game. He who can create the most trust WINS. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • - Own the search engines.

  • - Rule the results page.

  • - Command respect. 

  • - Skyrocket your sales. 

Is your marketing a well-oiled machine pumping out powerful pieces of content onto the biggest brand sites in the world… making you a force to be reckoned with?

Or is it a weak, dated defended by an agency that hides behind irrelevant metrics and refuses to own up to its lackluster results?

Forget the fads. Ignore the BS. Focus on what actually works. Let us help you buy back some time with HVAC Total Takeover. 

What we offer is simple. While others charge you out the fanny to try to get your ONE main website to bobble up and down in the search engines, we come in and take over. 

Like a machine gun spraying a target, every single month we deploy an army of “soldiers” to blast the internet and makes you 1) Get attention, 2) Gain trust, and 3) Get hired.

We have partnerships and connections with some of the world’s largest and most authoritative websites and have brokered deals that will allow you to leapfrog over your competitors with rapid rankings using “borrowed” trust!

It’s simple. Google scores websites based on experience, authority, and trust. Never in a million years will your company website have as high of a score as say, Business Insider, Associated Press, or Medium… that each get millions of visitors a month. Right?

But… you can “borrow” their trust when they’re site mentioning you, featuring you, referencing you, and linking to you. 

It sends a big fat signal to google, that your company is noteworthy and to be trusted (and better yet, ranked and recommended). Impressing the socks off of people that see you everywhere when they do their research.

1 - Show up where the people are looking (in a relentless, blanket effect)

2 - Impress their socks off

3 - Make the decision for them to do business with you

When someone googles what you offer, you want Google to basically say, “Here’s your guy.”

This is the holy grail that will take you to the next level.

While everyone else is chasing ads, you’ll become famous and respected in your marketplace by having the most credible sites creating buzz about your company. 

Forget all the BS trends and fads. Has that worked for you?

Your marketing needs to be…

Powerful. Impressive. Simple. PERIOD.

So if we know 87% of people head to Google to do research, how visible are you when they do?

The more prospects see you everywhere, the more they trust you.

BUT… that doesn’t mean write more blog posts.

Because here’s the secret.

Google gives more weight to certain sites.

This is the missing link! 

Is your content going onto sites that are tiny little fish, or gigantic whales?

The sites with heavy authority talking about how great you are is the “secret shortcut” that will blast you through the ranks lightning fast.

Forget social media and rule the place where the people are that need what you have! There is nothing more important than having a google omnipresence. 

Here’s how to do it...

Introducing "HVAC Total Takeover"…THE path for HVAC contractors to become THE power player in their marketplace.

HVAC Total Takeover is a media blitz strategy designed for maximum power to skyrocket the visibility of your company and help you leap to the front of the pack the fastest way possible.

We’re going to give you prominent online exposure by “advertising” your business across a variety of high authority sites and major brands across the internet, resulting in a massive increase in public awareness. 

We do this in a very organic and strategic way by producing extremely credible content that educates and differentiates your business, blankets the search engines, and drives hyper-targeted buyer traffic to you.

We essentially launch (and keep launching) a blast of buzz about your company all over the biggest sites on the internet, making you the talk of the town and forcing Google to take notice and reward you handsomely for it (they trust these big websites).

This program is your ticket to a whole new world of authority branding power for your company, giving you an unfair advantage over the competition and command the respect you deserve.

We are uniquely positioned to provide the most innovative and lucrative publishing opportunities that will enhance your reputation and grow your business.

What’s this worth?

The value of publishing content on large sites = PRICELESS 

So what “special powers” does it take to land such high-authority publicity?

It takes insider connections. You’ve got to know the right people and have developed strategic partnerships with these powerful networks. This is your “key to the vault”. 

I solve this for you.

We have access to the most respected media sites in the world, with some getting more than 10 million visitors per month!

But not only do you have to know the right people in the media world, but you’ve got to give them what they want, in the exact way that meets their requirements. This is equally as difficult and requires a certain skill set that can take years to acquire (that most business owners don’t have the time to focus on).

I’m going to put my reputation on the line and not only grant you access, but do it all FOR you.

Only 1 Spot Available Per City. No Exceptions.

Because of the custom nature of what we're offering, this will be an exclusive partnership that I can only make available to 1 client per area. No exceptions. 

We’re Partnering With 384 HVAC Power Players Across The Country To Completely Dominate And Swallow Up Their Market (1 Per Metropolitan) by “Double Domination”.

Our Double Domination Power Package Includes:

1) Publicity Power Program - I’ve brokered a deal to feature 1 HVAC company per area per month on 200+ high authority sites, including heavy hitters like Business Insider.

2) Search Box Spotlight - Be the first company searchers see. Potential customers will see your company as a “suggested term” before they ever have a chance to see your competition on the search results page (here's our flyer on this).

What we’re offering is windfalls of exposure and visibility.

We build buzz, attract the web traffic to YOU, and make choosing you the obvious choice the second someone conducts a search. What would this be worth to you to?

We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors. You’ll never be left wondering if your marketing is actually working. It will be overwhelmingly clear. 

Remember, you’re competing in the game of trust. You can’t expect to win if you’re not giving Google what they want and demand.

Book a call and if you’re a good fit, we’ll lock arms and get after it for/with you 💪

Again, only 1 spot available per city so act fast if you want to be “the one” in your area.

p.s. We’re fiercely competitive and refuse to lose to competitors, including our clients’ competitors. Only book a call and request to partner if you’re cut from the same cloth and are “in it to win it”.